based in Washington DC, is an author, journalist, photographer, educator, consultant, and former Senior Professional Staff Member of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.  

Dr. Kiracofe is the author of a hard hitting analysis of US Middle East policy,  Dark Crusade (London: I.B. Tauris, 2009).

He has written for China Daily (DC Bureau), Beijing Review (Beijing), China Investment (Beijing), Global Times (Beijing), US-China Focus (New York, NY).  He is interviewed on China Radio International (Beijing) "People in the Know" and "Beijing Hour", and on RT (Russia Today).  He appears as a guest on the CCTV (Beijing) "Dialogue" show.

While working for Media General as a community editor, he won awards from the Virginia Press Association for investigative journalism, photography, and newspaper design.  He received a Knight Foundation Fellowship in international journalism.

He is a past member of the National Conference of Editorial Writers (today Association of Opinion Journalists) and was a member of its International committee.

He has taught at Virginia Military Institute, Washington and Lee University, and China Foreign Affairs University (Beijing).  

Dr. Kiracofe has traveled the world for over four decades and focuses on international affairs, particularly the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, producing hard hitting commentary and incisive news analysis.

He is a member of the Cosmos Club, Washington, DC and DACOR, Washington, DC.

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